Income Tax – Supporting Documents

If you’ve signed up for our Income Tax service then we will have already discussed what documents we need from you.  For those of you still on the fence, here’s a little guidance on what documents you might need to submit with your claim;

Supporting Documents Generally Needed For Income Tax Returns;

  • IRP5 – for any salaried income during the period.
  • Log Book – for travel allowances you might be entitled to, you need a log book showing the distances travelled for business and for personal needs.
  • Other Income and it’s Expenses (invoices and slips) – for income outside of your salary e.g. rental income, if you want to reduce the burden you will need to show the expenses occurred to earn that additional income.
  • Medical Aid Certificate – You can deduct R303 pm if you’re the taxpayer who pays the scheme contributions, R303 pm for the first dependant and then R204 pm for each additional dependant.
  • Tax Certificate – for any investment income e.g. retirement annuity fund.
  • Other – for income and expenses not listed above, you’ll need to speak to a tax practitioner about the documents required –

Remember, Tax Season is well under way, it started on 1 July so please get started with your documents so you don’t miss the deadline.

As always we’re happy to help – if you need some advice on your Income Tax send us an email now –